How to Create a Sense of Serenity With These 8 Pond Features in McFarland, WI

Nothing could make a backyard seem more tranquil than perhaps a pond. But not just any pond will do. Here is how to create a sense of serenity with these eight pond feature ideas in McFarland, WI.


How to Create a Sense of Serenity With These 8 Pond Features in McFarland, WI

Stones (or boulders) provide more than just edging for a backyard pond. Since pond water must be recirculated, filtered, and aerated, the stones used in the pond serve double duty both as decorative elements as well as a way to disguise the pump. A large, flat-topped boulder can serve as an island in the middle of your pond—visually, this creates a perfect little getaway that’s accessible only by stepping stones or a small bridge.


A popular solution to hiding the pump and filters for your pond is to create a waterfall. A waterfall adds a vertical element to the pond’s design. And since ponds without moving water are quiet, waterfalls layer in the soothing quality of white noise to help create even more tranquility than standing water alone can offer. The sound quality of the waterfall will depend on the volume of falling water, how far it tumbles, and whether any obstacles lie in its way.

Waterfalls can be constructed using stones or boulders for a natural mountain stream look or, for a more formal and sophisticated aesthetic, you can build a waterfall that comes out of a masonry wall. To integrate the pond into your landscape, you can keep one side of the pond looking as natural possible and keep the other side reserved for hardscape features like your patio, providing you two view options from your patio chair.

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Bubbler Fountain

A great way to aerate pond water is to include a bubbler fountain that gently shoots water into the air from the middle of the pond, giving the illusion of a hot springs.


While the cooling effect of water (both physical and emotional) is undeniable, there are days when it’s just too hot to sit outside by the water. A permanent shade structure such as a pergola can save you from the sun and get you to spend more time relaxing by your water feature.


What’s more delightful than soaking in a hot mineral spring? You can create drama in your landscape by having a natural, boulder-lined pond at ground level, and then elevating a hot tub above it to overlook the pond. Integrate these two features using similar materials for the construction of the hot tub wall, the steps leading to it, as well as the sitting areas around the pond and hot tub. This effect would create a stunning and sophisticated look that you will love.

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What’s growing in and around the pond is key to the level of serenity your landscape brings to your everyday life. Aquatic floating plants such as lily pads create visual interest on the water’s surface, and lush plantings around the pond give it a natural “I belong here” feel.


Watching fish swim and splash in the pond can be exceptionally calming. Fish will require ongoing care, but the daily enjoyment could be worth it.

A Reflecting Surface

Finally, if your pond is a still-water pond (no waterfall), surround your pond with objects or plants that reflect on its surface.