3 Beautiful Accent Border Ideas for Your Middleton, WI, Paver Patio

When you’re looking into ideas for a new patio in Middleton, WI, you will likely conclude that a distinctive accent border is an essential feature. It’s a finishing touch to the design of a paver patio and helps to visually mark the edges of what will surely be an often-used aspect of your landscape. Once you have a paver patio that you love to admire, you’ll be drawn to spend more time outside, whether it’s to dine under the stars, have friends over for drinks on the patio, or just enjoy your new outdoor living space. Your choice of accent borders will complete the look.

Contrasting Paving Stones

One way to create drama in your landscape is to use an accent border that contrasts with the stones of your patio. Choosing a dark color that is complementary to the lighter shade of field stones could give more definition to the patio area. The clear contrast can make the patio seem like a room unto itself in the landscape.

You could choose a rustic cobblestone, or a sleek rectangular flat stone, or a classic slate style stone. Coordinating the paving stones with any of the stones or colors in your existing architectural features is an effective way to pull the landscape together with the other elements of your home.

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Jointing Sand

3 Beautiful Accent Border Ideas for Your Middletown, WI, Paver Patio

Jointing sand is a fine sand with additives that forms a strong bond for your border. It offers another opportunity to present a contrasting color, or you could use a similar color for a more uniform appearance. This sand comes in multiple colors. The color you choose depends entirely on your preferences—see what draws your eye when you look over finished patios.

Choosing a jointing sand that is much lighter or darker than the border stones can add another dimension to your paver patio, much like a frame on a painting. The contrasting color of the sand with the stone frames the patio.

Laying Patterns

The laying patterns for border paving stones are virtually unlimited. A double band of paving stones can really make your patio stand out in the yard. You might choose to have two different stones form the border, or two layers of the same stone. You can have as many stone layers as you want to create a very thick outer border, or just one for a thin border to delineate the patio space.

Moreover, you can have the stones laid in a soldier pattern, side by side, or they could be presents like a checkerboard, by alternating light and dark stones. They can be set in a basket weave pattern or in alternating lines of different paving stones. A laying pattern can turn a collection of an ordinary paving stones into a decorative design, if that’s your preference.

How to Choose a Patio Border

Adding a paving stone border to your patio not only elevates the aesthetic of your landscape, but it adds value to your property. Real estate professionals will tell you that homes with beautiful outdoor spaces and well-maintained landscaping have more value than homes with mediocre or undeveloped outdoor spaces. Having a gorgeous patio with an eye-catching accent border will entice the people in your life to spend more time outside and enjoy the paver patio.