Top 4 Fire Pit Tips to Give Your Madison, WI, Landscape Design a Boost

A fire pit can transform your Madison, WI, backyard into a year-round spot for great outdoor gatherings. It could be the kind of addition your landscape design needs to turn your backyard into the destination spot that you’ve always wanted it to be. Here’s what to consider for your new fire pit as you aim to give your backyard a boost.

Think Outside the Circle

When you imagine a fire pit, you probably picture a traditional stone circle. While ring-style fire pits are timeless, there are other options if you’re dreaming of something different for your yard. Your fire pit should complement your landscape design and suit your personal style. That being said, if you have a rustic or very traditional landscape, a round stone or brick fire pit may be the right choice for fitting in with your existing elements.

But there are other styles to consider. A square fire pit can also suit a rustic landscape if made with the right materials, while square and rectangular designs are more likely to be found in more contemporary landscapes. Something to consider: A rectangular fire pit does let more people enjoy the warmth of the fire and is a good choice to accommodate larger seating areas. If you prefer the look of concrete or metal over stone, modern fire bowls create a striking focal point in an outdoor seating area.

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Create a New Level

Top 4 Fire Pit Tips to Give Your Madison, WI, Landscape Design a Boost

Turn your fire pit into the main attraction by situating it on a platform or raised area of your yard. If you have a sloped yard, it offers the perfect opportunity to create a terraced landscape. Use the slope to your advantage by placing your fire pit on an upper level. This will allow you to appreciate the views while sitting around the fire. If you have a flat yard, your landscape designer can create the same effect by adding a few steps and raising an area of your patio.

Add Permanent Seating

To create a welcoming spot to gather, you need to have ample seating. A few comfy chairs around the fire can make it more inviting, but you also want some options for larger gatherings.  Adding built-in seating will help define your seating area and ensure you always have additional seats on hand. Built-in seating is also convenient since you don’t have to find a place to store it in the winter.

Mix Fire and Water

To really create an impact, combine fire features and water features. Not only is the overall effect stunning, but you’ll also get more use out of both features by pairing them together. The added warmth of a fire will extend your outdoor season, while the sounds of flowing water will make your outdoor space more tranquil.

A fire pit near your pool, for example, will make nighttime swimming so much more inviting. Imagine how nice it would be to take a swim at night and then warm up by the fire. To create a dramatic focal point, consider an in-pool fire pit that takes the chill off when swimming in cooler weather.

Even without a pool, you can enjoy the exciting combination of fire and water. A modern fire wall or fire table will bring the warmth and ambiance of a fire to your yard. Incorporating a built-in water feature such as a sheer-descent waterfall will add movement and also help mask outside noises.

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