Choosing Pavers for Your McFarland, WI, Landscape Design

If you’re planning a getaway spot in your backyard and you are looking for great materials to use from the ground up, we can help. Quality pavers’ versatility and beauty make them optimal material choices for floors, walls, islands, and more! Here’s your one-stop guide to choosing pavers for your McFarland, WI, landscape design.


Choosing Pavers for Your McFarland, WI, Landscape Design

There are tons of benefits of using concrete pavers for your outdoor patio, walkways, or driveways. The first difference is the aesthetic appeal that pavers add to any design. You can create beautiful hardscapes noticeable at first glance that make your home appealing and neat-looking. Courtstone by Unilock is known as the ultimate driveway paver for its excellent durability under heavy vehicle traffic. With an authentic cobblestone appearance, it adds a classically beautiful element to any design. You can also use it as an accent paver if you want a more updated look, adding it as a border to a contemporary paver like Richcliff from Unilock. Made with Reala technology to ensure realistic surface textures, Richcliff has a naturalized feel but is cut with precision for accurate installation and a clean look. Use it for patios and walkways too, mixing and matching if you want to keep things interesting. If your style is modern, Senzo from Unilock has clean shapes and lines in neutral palettes. The non-slip and stain-resistant surface makes it great for any outdoor area, but it’s especially convenient for outdoor kitchens.

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Walls and Verticals

Vertical design is an integral part of your landscape, making retaining walls or seating walls key elements of any landscape design. Adding stone walls can help to define your space and to bring in a particular style. They can even be used as casual seating around a fireplace or fire pit. Rivercrest Wall from Unilock is a beautiful choice for rustic designs with naturalized elements. Resembling stacked slate, Rivercrest Wall can be used along borders to add visual interest and landscape stability. If your project calls for the smooth finish of a modern material, Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock creates a consistent surface that complements a hardscape like Senzo. The gray tones are classic yet modern for a beautiful addition to anywhere in your landscape. For more structurally involved uses like a retaining wall, you’ll want stones that are known in particular for their durability to hold back yard sloping. If your use is more for visual appeal, landscaping walls like the U-Cara Multi Face Wall System from Unilock can create planting beds or be used to augment your existing planting space. No matter what kind of wall you need, there’s a product that matches your design!

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Accents and Extras

Adding in accents and extras is a great way to incorporate cool details that incorporate charm and personality into your design. If you love plants and flowers, use masonry walls to create planters around your patio area. Brussels Block from Unilock can be used for your hardscapes, walls, stairs, and even to create masonry planters or form an outdoor kitchen. In addition to defining the space, masonry planters can add privacy as well as the ambiance of your plants or flowers. Create a kitchen island perfect for entertaining and adding all your favorite outdoor appliances. With the warmth of a tumbled paver, Brussels Block is a versatile choice that will match with any style or design.