How to Incorporate Retaining Walls Into Your Sun Prairie, WI, Landscape

Without the intervention of landscaping expertise, very few landscapes are already perfect—in fact, many have either a hill in an inconvenient place, a steep driveway, or a slope that causes a gulley whenever a storm comes. Any of these things prevent the homeowners from making full use of their exterior space. Maybe you feel like fixing these areas in your Sun Prairie, WI, landscape is too overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. A retaining wall may be the solution for getting your landscape closer to perfection.

What Is a Retaining wall?

How to Incorporate Retaining Walls Into Your Sun Prairie, WI, Landscape

In short, a retaining wall is built of strong stones to hold back the earth, to prevent erosion, and to create a more aesthetically pleasing and useful space. Other times, the wall is constructed to bring focus to a specific part of the landscape. Whatever the purpose, a retaining wall can transform your property by correcting those areas that cause problems.

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Retaining Wall for a Steep Slope

One of the most common reasons for installing a retaining wall is to accommodate a steep slope that prevents you from using the space as you wish. This can mean that you would love a patio, but the incline seems to present a barrier to having one installed. Or you would like to have a place for a swing set and sandbox for your children, but having to climb a hill to get to the play area is a problem. A stone retaining wall can remedy such landscape issues, while giving you more usable space.

Tiered Retaining Wall

Retaining walls don’t only have to be constructed as a single wall—they can be designed in tiers, or levels. The beauty of a tiered wall is that it gives you space on each level to plant a vegetable garden, a flower garden, ornamental grasses, and, yes, even a patio.

Once you have the walls in place, you may decide you want to add a pergola on the top level to create a little personal hideaway for when you need some time to yourself. Perhaps the bottom of the hill is where a pretty patio could go, with a grill and a table and chairs for dining outdoors.

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Landscape Retaining Wall

On some properties, there is an incline running the length of the yard that prevents you from installing the landscape features you desire. In this case, a retaining wall can curve through your property following the line of the incline, giving some definite end points and angles for the eye to follow. Not only can the wall serve as a decorative feature of the landscape, but it makes mowing easier and plantings more structured in appearance.

Retaining Wall Benefits

While retaining walls bring clear benefits to your property, they can be quite unique and beautiful as no two look exactly alike. You can mix stones or request a contrasting stone band. They can have lighting added to highlight their best textured features after dark for a dramatic twist, and the addition of steps makes it easy to access other spaces in your yard.

Talk with landscape professionals about the problems that your landscape presents, and they can help you design a retaining wall that opens up new possibilities.