5 Beautiful Examples of Retaining Walls for Your Waunakee, WI, Home

In the past, retaining walls were known for being simply utilitarian installations meant to do one thing—help to keep land from eroding and washing away. Nowadays, Waunakee, WI, homeowners can get the utility they need without sacrificing on style, as retaining walls have become a vital part of sophisticated landscape designs. There are a variety of materials and styles to use from when constructing a retaining wall, so deciding on the best look for your property may feel overwhelming at first. Follow along, and we’ll show you five beautiful examples of retaining walls to help spark your inspiration. 

Integrated Outdoor Cooking

5 Beautiful Examples of Retaining Walls for Your Waunakee, WI, Home

You could make your retaining wall do double-duty by making it a central part of your outdoor kitchen. With a grill installed directly into your retaining wall, you’ll be able to take your cooking and dining into the outdoors with ease. It could be the perfect way to tuck your grill away, while still getting that outdoor kitchen feel. Plus, you can use the retaining wall for extra prep space on either side.

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Terraced Planting

Give your flowers and plants a lift when you use retaining walls to create a terraced garden. By creating different heights and levels of plant and flowers, you’ll add visual elegance and interest to your overall landscape. Consider planting different types of flora on different levels of terraced walls to create a really eye-catching aesthetic. Raised flower beds help to warm up an otherwise barren and cold look that retaining walls can sometimes create, so be sure to make greenery and flowers a part of your plan when you’re having a retaining wall installed.

Raised Patio

With the installation of a raised patio area, attached to your existing patio, you could enjoy a quiet cup of tea and a book from an elevated space for a really special feel. Whether you add a bench for reading or quiet contemplation, or a cafe table and chairs, your raised patio is sure to be a favorite space for you to visit in your backyard. Be sure to install your favorite plants and flowers nearby so you can really create a pretty, private outdoor retreat. 

Terraced Steps

Make your way up a unique integrated staircase when you add steps to your retaining wall plans. Whether they lead to a secret garden or a raised patio space, or even just help you get to different levels of elevation on your property, terraced steps are a beautiful and useful addition to your property. Choose natural materials to create your steps for an organic look that blends beautifully into the scenery. 

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Integrated Seating

Feel like you never have enough seating when friends and family come to visit? Create extra seating space by using your new retaining wall as a seating wall. An added cushion is all you may need to turn your retaining wall into an extra space to sit. 

Retaining walls don’t have to serve purely a functional purpose. They can become a central part of your landscape, with beautiful stonework and placement in a prominent location. Carefully installed, a new retaining wall could offer your property a finished and refined look.