How to Find the Best Landscapers Near Me in Fitchburg, WI?

If you’re dreaming of creating an amazing backyard retreat, you want to make sure you work with landscape professionals who listen, understand your needs, and get the job done right. And most importantly, you want to find someone who is local to you. Here are four tips on how to find the “best landscapers near me” in Fitchburg, WI.

1. Have a Plan

How to Find the Best Landscapers Near Me in Fitchburg, WI?

This is a crucial first step because it’s the only way you can compare landscapers and get accurate pricing and time estimates. Work with a professional landscape architect or designer who will come up with a comprehensive plan so that your expectations are clearly spelled out. If you’re not sure of all the details just yet, that’s OK—it is all part of the process. Once you’ve worked out expectations and a plan, then an accurate bid on an estimated budget and timeline is possible. Without a plan that highlights whether you need a fully functional outdoor kitchen or ongoing maintenance once your new garden beds are put in place, then the initial bids you receive will, of course, fluctuate.

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2.  Interview Several Landscapers

You are going to be spending some time together, so you want to pick someone you can communicate with and trust. Pay attention to their responsiveness as you call around. You may need to comparison shop and ask lots of questions before deciding which company will be the best choice for the job. During your interviews, ask how they handle unexpected issues and changes to the original plans. A reputable landscaper will have a quick answer and may recommend that all that changes be recorded in writing so that any cost and timeline adjustments are clear to both you and the landscaping company.

3. Do Your Due Diligence

Check each landscape contractor’s references, credentials, and insurance. Follow up with references from past clients; you are more likely to have a positive experience if you hear good things from past customers. If a contractor presents credentials or awards, feel free to check them out. Accidents can and do happen, so make sure your landscaper holds adequate liability insurance. Also be sure to inquire about their completed projects, and ask if you can see “before and after” pics.

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4. Get Everything in Writing

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a landscape project. The project could require fairly significant grading and excavation, soil mitigation, permit exceptions, and so on—so be sure that your contract is comprehensive about what will be needed. You may want costs broken out as well as your material preferences written down before work begins.

Hiring the right landscaper for your project makes all the difference in the world for your peace of mind. Landscape experts will be able to assess the configuration of your yard, soil characteristics, your needs and wants, and which plantings will thrive in this climate—and combine these elements into a distinctive landscape design that you will enjoy for many years.

Hiring professionals means you are hiring experience and qualifications to do the job correctly. Whether your project is simple or complex, the right landscaper will bring your vision to life.