Getting The Best From Your Landscaper

Be sure your list of needs, wants and wishes are available for your Madison WI Landscaper

Be sure your list of needs, wants and wishes are available for your Madison WI Landscaper

Getting the right landscaper for your landscaping project is a big commitment and will often determine if you get the final outcome you want.

You have to determine if the landscaper you are considering is capable of doing the wide range of landscaping tasks required in your landscape design. Or, do you only need a couple of smaller landscaping tasks done requiring less skill, equipment or landscaper knowledge.

No matter what type of landscaper you eventually select, you will get the best results from every landscaper if you are prepared with clear ideas and questions in your first meeting.

Before You Ask A Landscaper Ask Yourself

Your landscaper will be able to provide you with much more accurate information if you follow the list below. Landscaping, as rule, can be very involved and have many, many moving parts. The more precise you can be in sharing your vision, the better a landscape design can be, the more accurate a budget projection will be and the happier you will be in the end.

  • Have questions ready to ask before your visit with your landscaper – there are literally infinite options for just about any project. Make a list of all of the things that matter to you. You and your landscaper will have more peace of mind. Your landscaper will have much better direction in the project just from the questions you ask.

  • Have realistic expectations defined – if you know what elements you want included in your landscaping, be sure to make a list. Adding things after a quote is given most likely will lead to additional changes and if the timing is wrong and some work is already done, starting over can be expensive.

  • Know what you want – if you have a pretty solid idea of what you want, create a very specific list. This will help your landscape design reflect your thoughts more clearly. Prioritize your list for the landscaper. Think in terms of:

• Got to have
• Would like to have
• Wish you could have

  • Try to have images to help illustrate your preferences – the old adage ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ is true. Especially in landscaping because, as we mentioned earlier, there are infinite choices and combinations. The result will be your landscape design will have a laser-like focus. Don’t be shy – be prepared with pictures of:

• Plants
• Hardscapes
• Retaining Walls
• Ponds
• Contours in the land.

  • List your concerns – don’t hold back on any nagging questions. It been our experience customers asking question at the beginning of the process will positively affect their final outcome physically and emotionally. Nobody likes unwanted surprises – either you or your landscaper.

  • Create a wish list – we are mentioning this a second time because landscaping projects are sometimes a substantial investment and if something is left out of the final project, it’s sometimes gone for good. And, many times, adding a “wish list” item to a landscape design may not be as expensive as originally thought. Hey, you only live once and since you are investing in the project, treating yourself is not a bad thing.

  • Know what you budget REALLY is – investing in a landscaping project is not like buying something from a store and looking for something in a bargain bin. Excavation equipment, boulders, pond liners, paving stones and all of the equipment needed to install everything has a fixed cost to it. You will be doing yourself and your landscaper a big favor by really understanding your budget range. Think in terms of what is comfortable and if there might be a special addition to the original budget, how much can the range expand.

Madison’s Landscaper

Proscapes, LLC is fast becoming the landscaper of choice in Madison WI. From retaining walls to ponds, and patio pavers to multi-faceted landscape design, our experts can create just about anything you can imagine. Our landscape design specialists often build upon what customers have in place using their vast experience to add style and functionality.

For more information about how select a landscaper you can trust with any project, contact the professionals at Proscapes, LLC. Our landscaping expertise can help your yard and garden be the show place you’ve dreamed about. We serve all of Dane County including Madison WI, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg Oregon, McFarland and Cottage Grove.

Call Proscapes LLC at 608-244-6464 or email us and we will be honored to be your personal landscaper in Madison WI.

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