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Building Your Look Block by Block

Creating an outdoor space that looks fantastic, yet is also usable and durable, and is really within everyone’s reach can be accomplished by installing pavers. Although pouring concrete continues to be a traditional way of making a patio or enclosed outdoor space usable, homeowners are turning more and more to installing paving stones as a viable alternative.

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Winterizing Water Features – Don’t Wait for a Freeze

Winter is inevitable in Madison and now’s the time to be winterizing water features to avoid last-minute stress. A routine pond maintenance plan for late season prepping for ponds, pond-less waterfalls, fountains or other water features is easy to create. With a little care and forethought in the fall you can protect your installation and extend its life.

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Patio Landscaping Provides Finishing Touch to Hardscape Projects

Once a new stone, brick or paver patio, walk or wall is installed the finishing touches come from timely patio landscaping details. Complementary plants for hardscape designs soften and brighten installations in Madison WI and throughout Southern Wisconsin. Among the most popular trends in bringing green elements into a new hardscaped yard center on making wise use of water and nutrients.

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Improving Drainage Protects and Enhances Property

Southern Wisconsin has had more than its share of rain early in 2018 and with the downpours come concerns for improving drainage. Standing water in the yard after normal rainfall is a sign the “playing field” isn’t level. A variety of landscaping solutions can be applied to make sure excess water moves away from buildings and structures, avoiding damage to your Madison WI home.

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Hardscape Maintenance – Paver Care Keeps Outdoor Living Space Vital

Even something as rugged as brick pavers doesn’t stay looking like new without attention to a few basic hardscape maintenance requirements. In Madison WI and the surrounding area, where everyone’s outdoor living space is subject to the whim of the weather, basic paver care keeps patios, walkways, driveways and structures looking like new for decades.

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Setting Landscape Design Goals – Form Follows Function

When beginning the process of landscape design, people often don’t look at the big picture before beginning a landscaping project. The result is often having an uncontrollable project in terms of the daily work and the budget.

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Landscaping And Patio One-Stop-Shop In Madison

People often want to create an entirely new feel for their landscaping or their patio, but by the time they consider all of the options, they can get overwhelmed. We have seen it happen more than once.

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The Rain Garden Is One Of The More Popular Landscape Ideas

A growing trend around our country is the rain garden.

If you are not familiar with the term, a rain garden is a shallow depression designed for rainwater collection. A rain garden temporarily stores excess water until it has time to soak into the ground. With the right soil structure and water loving plants, rain gardens can be both beautiful and environmentally beneficial.

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Landscape Lighting – Safety – Security – Beauty – Elegance

Landscape lighting can add elegance and safety to any home in Madison WI simultaneously.

Low voltage landscape lighting can enhance the look of a home, yard or garden. And, given the investment homeowners make in their homes, landscaping and landscape lighting are obvious next steps to take with their homes in Madison WI.

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Outdoor Living – Just Add Friends & Family

Outdoor living planning is just like a diamond in the rough. Just as the full beauty, brilliance and luster of a rough diamond must be released by a skillful diamond cutter, an outdoor living plan requires an expert in multiple facets of outdoor living. Proscapes LLC sees nearly every back yard as a ‘diamond in the rough,’ waiting for its full potential to be released.

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Patio Building – Pick an Authorized Paver Contractor

When investing in large patio and landscaping project, selecting an Authorized Pavers Contractor is one of the best decisions you can make.

For one thing, your patio will be done correctly. There are many steps from patio design, installing the foundation, placing and affixing the pavers and supporting a new patio with the appropriate landscaping in Madison WI.

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