Patio Building – Pick an Authorized Paver Contractor

An Authorized Unilock® Installer can design AND build your dream patio

An Authorized Unilock® Installer can design AND build your dream patio

When investing in large patio and landscaping project, selecting an Authorized Pavers Contractor is one of the best decisions you can make.

For one thing, your patio will be done correctly. There are many steps from patio design, installing the foundation, placing and affixing the pavers and supporting a new patio with the appropriate landscaping in Madison WI.

While it may seem easy to do all of these steps, it is wise to consider what goes in to a landscaping project like this. In addition to physical challenges for most people, a patio or pavers project requires planning, skill and the equipment to move and install pavers in the best position. An Authorized Pavers contractor does it every day. The company and the individual installers have been trained to handle and install the pavers correctly so your patio will last the test of time.

Patio Excellence

Unilock® is a pavers supplier of the highest quality. Their approach to the production and installation of pavers for patio, walkway and drive way use matches the commitment of Proscapes, LLC. We want our customers to get the best – and Unilock® does too.

Laying down Paving stones is not enough – landscaping and ponds deliver added dimension

Laying down Paving stones is not enough – landscaping and ponds deliver added dimension

How Much Does Patio Perfection Cost In Madison?

The little known secret is that the best pavers and installation experts are affordable. By the time a do-it-yourself project is done, with the investment in the materials, the movement of the materials and the time expended to do all of the work, assuming your installation will hold, you may have saved some money. Often times, however, we have been asked to correct or even finish a project because it was not done correctly. The same patio problems occur when unauthorized patio installers put your pavers in place. And by the time your problems begin to show, the check is cashed and the unauthorized installer is nowhere to be found.

A patio is one of the worst things to install poorly. Every time you step on poorly installed pavers, you will see a crooked line, a bump on the surface or edges that just do not look right. That is the point when the value of any “saved money” is really diminished. In fact, when this happens, to get the patio done correctly, you will now have a more expensive patio because you will have to tear out the poor installation and replace it with a quality installation.

An Authorized Unilock® Installer can design and build flawlessly.

An Authorized Unilock® Installer can design and build flawlessly.

Consider A Patio By Proscapes

Proscapes is a Unilock® Authorized Contractor. The commitment Unilock® has combined with our pavers experience, landscaping expertise, equipment and business alliances have allowed us to create efficiency and patio perfection we can pass on to you.

Factors To Consider When Comparing Pavers Installation

  • Product color and style – unauthorized installers may not have access

  • Size of the project – unauthorized installers may have limits on what they can do well

  • Complexity of the design – you are investing 1000’s of dollars, do you want the cut rate company planning for you?

  • Base requirements – unauthorized installers know less about excavation and foundations

  • Accessibility – proper execution often depends on landscaping, not just installing pavers

  • Surrounding landscaping can support, enhance and set off certain areas of your patio – berms, plants, ponds and more.

If you want help with any patio ideas or would like a dynamic patio design, Proscapes, LLC is committed to patio excellence. Our landscaping expertise will help you get more enjoyment from your patio.

We serve all of Dane County including Madison WI, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg Oregon, McFarland and Cottage Grove.

Call the Proscapes LLC at 608-244-6464 or email us and we will be honored to create the patio you want for all seasons in Madison WI.

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