Landscaping – Hire A Professional Landscaper or DIY?

Landscaping can be completed much more quickly with the right equipment

Landscaping can be completed much more quickly with the right equipment

Landscaping in Madison WI can be a dilemma.

Nearly every homeowner sees themselves as a landscaper to some extent. Most projects are easy to understand in basic terms, at least conceptually. This introduces a number of questions. Is there any reason why you could not do the landscaping project yourself? It seems easy enough. Why couldn’t you do some if not all of the work yourself?

Before you anoint yourself the landscaper of choice for your project, you might want consider some landscaping basics before you commit yourself, your family and your wallet to a landscaping project.

Top Reasons To Hire A Pro Landscaper For Your Landscaping Project

  1. In your day job you are a competent business professional and you are used to running your own corporation. But, are you really a paver, patio, retaining wall or pond expert?

  2. You are a few years past your prime. You are 30 lbs. overweight and you have not been near a gym in quite a while. Landscaping is PHYSICAL LABOR. To clarify, landscaping is muscle straining, joint twisting, back straining physical labor. Are you ready for the hcallange?

  3. Is the money you are “saving” by doing your landscaping project yourself really saving you money? Assuming you do everything correctly and there are no do-overs, are you really saving money when you can hire an expert landscaper for less money than you might be losing in billable time? Our landscaping customers tell us, without exception, they lose money when they do the work themselves.

  4. Time has value. You know a well-trained landscaping crew can complete your project easily in less than a week! Compare that to the four or more weekends it will take you to do the same job coupled with the disruption of your day to day life. Should you not get something right, you may end up calling in a professional landscaper to clean up a mess you have created because of lack of knowledge, skill or equipment.

  5. You’re not a masochist! The average do-it-yourselfer builds three ponds (or the same one three times) before they get it right. Do you want to suffer through this process?

  6. Impressing your spouse, neighbors and/or kids with your construction ability gets lower and lower on your list of important things to do.

Leading Reasons To Do Landscaping Yourself

  1. Saving money is not your primary concern, the enjoyment of the project is.

  2. You’re not challenged when it comes to reading directions.

  3. You don’t care if you complete the project in one day or one summer (after all, you’re having a good time).

  4. You love getting the exercise.

  5. You enjoy physical challenges.

  6. You love planning, tinkering with and designing things. So whether you get it right the first time, or forty-first time is not an issue.

  7. You take great pleasure in creating something of beauty with your own hands and having others enjoy it as well.

Save your back, joints, muscles and sanity – hire a pro to do your Landscaping

Save your back, joints, muscles and sanity – hire a pro to do your Landscaping

Now, if the second set of reasons fit you, then go ahead and have at it. Landscaping is a rewarding activity on many levels. Whether you are fiddling around with it all summer or not, you’re an individual who will enjoy the process immensely. That means you are a landscape designer, a landscaper and someone who may be bitten by the landscaping bug. Welcome to the club.

If you are not bitten by the landscaping bug…we are happy to help!

If you want assistance with any landscape design ideas, Proscapes, LLC is committed to landscaping excellence. Our landscaping expertise will help you get more enjoyment from your yard, patio or pond.

Proscapes, LLC serves all of Dane County including Madison WI, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg Oregon, McFarland, Stoughton, Monona and Cottage Grove.

Call our professional landscapers at 608-244-6464 or email us. We look forward to installing landscaping for all seasons in Madison WI.

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