Outdoor Living – Just Add Friends & Family

Outdoor living plans can include a wide array of amenities including fire pits, wall seating and paver patios

Outdoor living plans can include a wide array of amenities including fire pits, wall seating and paver patios

Outdoor living planning is just like a diamond in the rough. Just as the full beauty, brilliance and luster of a rough diamond must be released by a skillful diamond cutter, an outdoor living plan requires an expert in multiple facets of outdoor living. Proscapes LLC sees nearly every back yard as a ‘diamond in the rough,’ waiting for its full potential to be released.

A homeowner may already have a wonderful back yard, but oftentimes there are many ways to create a unique and inviting outdoor environment. With a little imagination and know how, every back yard can assume an entirely new personality where the only thing needed to make it complete is family and friends. Imagine the impact an outdoor kitchen, or an outdoor bar, outdoor fireplaces, ponds or a paver patio could have in your yard.

Outdoor Living Encourages Stay-cations in Madison WI

One of our specialties is creating outdoor living retreats that often re-define a homeowner’s property by adding what amounts to a room without walls. Our customers define how they want to use a new outdoor living space and then design their patio with unique features to increase their enjoyment such as outdoor kitchens. With that in mind, there are a number of very popular outdoor living space features, including:

  • Patios & Walkways

  • Fireplaces & Fire rings

  • Outdoor Bar

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Outdoor Grills

  • Seat walls / Multiple levels

  • Water features

  • Ponds

  • Pergolas & Trellises

  • Privacy screening

The result is a great place to enjoy your home in a completely new way. It becomes a place for friends and family to get together. And, rather than a vacation, many people are finding the atmosphere is perfect for a ‘stay-cation’…using their patio for great fun at home.

Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens add a new dimension to your outdoor living fun

Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens add a new dimension to your outdoor living fun

Outdoor Living Step By Step

One of the great things about building an outdoor living space is that it can be done in phases.

Often times, we build a base area such as a patio; The base may have the majority of the features a homeowner wants in a patio. However, as time goes on, a homeowner may want to add a water feature, seat walls, fire ring or outdoor grill. It can be driven by need or by budget. It really doesn’t matter which, because the design of these spaces lend themselves to being enhanced as needed.

Uniquely Prepared For Designing Outdoor Living, Outdoor Kitchens, Patios and Ponds

Our experience is that creating a private backyard paradise while enhancing the home’s value costs less than you might think. Also outdoor living space is very desirable for people who appreciate their homes and yard a great deal. They want their outdoor living environment designed to enjoy in a way allowing them to get the most from their homes.

Our goal, beyond building a unique, standalone patio, is to help homeowners care for their entire outdoor living areas. Proscapes, LLC has developed a company dedicated to creating and maintaining unique outdoor living areas. Our skilled staff, in addition to creating outdoor living space, can assist homeowners year round in simplifying their yard care. When it comes to outdoor living, we can help a homeowner design, install and maintain literally anything in their yard. Like a diamond in the rough, waiting for its full potential, improving your yard is always a good investment. Make outdoor living part of your life.

If you want assistance with any outdoor living ideas, Proscapes, LLC is committed to landscaping excellence. Our landscape design experts will help you get more enjoyment from your yard, patio or pond.

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