Drainage Solutions To Protect Your Madison WI Property

Positive drainage away from your home will protect your siding, foundation and basement. It’s just one of the drainage solutions we use in waterproofing in Madison WI.

Positive drainage away from your home will protect your siding, foundation and basement. It’s just one of the drainage solutions we use in waterproofing in Madison WI.

Proper drainage solutions are just about like having wet basement insurance…only better. By using proper drainage solutions when foundation waterproofing you will be much less likely to suffer damage caused by seeping water.

A little bit of water in a wet basement can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in spoiled carpet and furniture, and to other personal property. In addition, proper drainage solutions around the foundation of your home, siding can rot or mold and mildew can grow on wall studs behind drywall. The potential for water damage can be very large.

Things to Consider With Drainage Solutions in Madison

  • Slope your yard away from your house

  • Be sure there is a minimum distance between your siding and the finish grade

  • Eliminate standing water wherever it is

A Positive Slope Away From Your House Is A Must When Waterproofing

Slope your yard away from your house for at least 10 feet, with a minimum drop of 5 inches. Building Codes require these measurements as a minimum to protect against a wet basement. The goal is simple…keep water flowing away from your house – its waterproofing 101.

If water flows toward your house it is called negative drainage. Water can enter your home through window wells, foundation cracks, around or over your foundation wall, or seep through your basement floor-as a result of hydrostatic pressure. To protect against negative water and a wet basement, try the following drainage solutions:

  • If possible, add soil next to your foundation wall and slope the grade outward.

  • When adding soil, keep a distance of at least 6 inches between the soil and siding.

  • Lower the grade out 10 feet by excavating drainage swales. Most homeowners cannot excavate themselves so use a landscape contractor to excavate and haul away excess soil.

  • Window wells should be kept 2” higher than the finished grade so water will not flow directly into the window well.

  • The grade at the bottom of your window well should be 3-4” lower than your basement window.

  • The bottom of the window well should also contain 8” to 10” of a washed stone to prohibit water from pooling during rain storms.

  • Even with good drainage solutions, cracked foundations can still leak. Have them patched by a competent contractor.

Keep The Soil Grade Away From Your Siding

If your siding has an organic component such as wood, it will rot if soil is placed against it. Siding needs to breathe. The lack of circulation will lead to mold and mildew affecting studs and drywall.

Drainage Solutions Include Eliminating Standing Water Around Your Home

If standing water occurs around the foundation of your home, it can run into your house or increase hydro-static pressure from water causing a wet basement floor. For a positive water flow around your home –

  • Excavate positive swales around your home – 10’ from house will eliminate standing water.

  • The pitch should be at 2 %.

  • Less than 2 % will cause standing water – Ant hills, worm castings, tufts of certain varieties of grass, and ice dams can block water flow on marginally sloped swales.

When you consider how little it takes to protect your home with proper drainage solutions, it almost a no brainer in terms of waterproofing your foundation and avoiding a wet basement. .

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