Pondless Waterfalls – Hot Backyard Water Features

Bring the sounds and sight of running water into your landscape with a unique design that fits anywhere.

Bring the sounds and sight of running water into your landscape with a unique design that fits anywhere.

One of the hottest backyard water features is the pondless waterfall. This landscape design element provides the sound of running water that sparkles off decorative rocks without the drawbacks of a pond to maintain. Any Madison WI backyard can include the attraction of running water.

How is it possible? A waterfall without a pond or stream?

The science behind a pondless waterfall is the same as with a traditional pond structure without the body of water. Water is pumped from a holding vessel to the top of the falls where it cascades over structure and disappears into a rock-covered receptacle. Water falls upon a bed of gravel covering a hole that houses the pump and enough water to keep the cycle going. A waterfall without a pond is often called a “disappearing waterfall.”

Pondless Waterfalls – Eye-catching Elements

Most people are attracted to the sounds of running water. Recreating a stream and waterfall on your property adds texture and sounds to the space. Landscape design components that work harmoniously add a great deal to enjoying the outdoors. Among the benefits of bringing a water feature into your plans are:

  • Nature at your doorstep – Not only will you enjoy the sounds of moving water and the sparkle associated with water on rocks, you’ll have the benefit of wildlife and a natural ecosystem. From the minute a water feature is active it begins attracting wildlife – birds of all sizes and colors, dragonflies and butterflies for starters. Depending upon size and scope, even larger animals are likely to find the water inviting.

  • Easily Adapted to Small Spaces – pondless waterfalls are easier to fit into smaller areas since they don’t require a traditional pond to keep them full. They can be tucked in near a garden or patio and take up little space – while providing a large return.

  • Low-maintenance Installations – pondless waterfalls require very little maintenance. Designed as wall fountains or cascading falls, they don’t require attention like a pond that grows algae and unwanted bugs. The water essentially re-circulates, so they don’t use much water and constant movement reduces bacteria growth and keeps mosquitoes at bay. A pondless installation is safe for young children because there’s no open water safety risk.

  • Create Your Own – pondless features allow for a one-of-a-kind landscape design to fit your property and lifestyle. Truly no limits to shape or size.

  • Easy On/Off – A pondless waterfall doesn’t need to run continuously like a traditional system. You can put it on a timer or shut of off when it’s time to go away on vacation. No worries about pump problems while you’re away. Top off the reservoir when you return and off it goes.

No need for a pond, this popular water feature offers all the benefits of moving water even in small spaces.

No need for a pond, this popular water feature offers all the benefits of moving water even in small spaces.

True Low-maintenance Landscape Design

There’s no doubt a pondless waterfall is one of the highest impact, lowest maintenance water features money can buy. Once installed, there’s very little to keeping them running for year. Consider these advantages:

  • All the benefits of moving water, sound and sights without the associated maintenance

  • Put one anywhere you want – they adapt

  • Safe for kids and pets

  • A great way to put a water feature in your front yard, too

  • No need to power the pump 24/7 – save energy with a timer

  • Moving water resists freezing so your system can remain engaged longer even in Madison WI – enjoy the unique aspects of water flowing around ice and snow!

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