Adding Beauty and Tranquility to Your Monona, WI, Backyard with a Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall is a beautiful and desired landscape water feature that is suitable for a tiny or large landscape. Adding one to your Monona, WI, landscape would let you revel in the soothing sounds of running water while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some ideas for adding beauty and tranquility to your backyard with a pondless waterfall.

What Is a Pondless Waterfall?

Adding Beauty and Tranquility to Your Monona, WI, Backyard with a Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall is a waterfall feature that recirculates water by pumping water from a large in-ground reservoir rather than from a pond. The water is pumped up into the beginnings of the waterfall, and then the water cascades back into the reservoir.

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Why Choose a Pondless Waterfall?

Pondless waterfalls are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and beautiful. Water attracts a variety of wildlife, so you many want to position your waterfall where you can enjoy the sights and sounds from inside your home—not just while you are outdoors.

Fortunately, the small size of a pondless waterfall won’t overwhelm the backyard, leaving you with plenty of useable space. Another plus: Pondless waterfalls are popular with families with young children or pets. Kids love exploring in and around waterfalls! A “babbling brook” style pondless waterfall will provide endless entertainment opportunities for the littlest creatures of your home life.

As for location, a pondless waterfall can be tucked into a quiet corner of the yard, placed near your entryway, or installed anywhere you want to enjoy its beauty and soothing sounds. A waterfall can also be the perfect solution for an open spot by your patio area.


A waterfall can mimic the soft and serene feel of a babbling brook. This type of pondless waterfall is more horizontal than vertical, allowing water to move at a more leisurely pace through carefully placed rocks and boulders, creating a series of small waterfalls, each with its unique sound.

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For more drama, go vertical. This approach works very well on a sloped lot where the waterfall can take full advantage of the topography. Multi-level cascading waterfalls provide a wonderful soothing atmosphere that masks the sounds of traffic to create a truly serene backyard space. They also serve as a dramatic focal point that helps to transform an ordinary backyard into a luxurious spa-like retreat.

Fun Features

Various design options make it so your pondless waterfall can truly become your own. You could opt for steps around your waterfall so that you can enjoy it from various vantage points. Plantings could be installed around it to help soften the overall look and feel of your water feature.

Be sure to add a bench or lounging area to maximize your enjoyment of this magical space. Boulders, rocks, small stones and pebbles could provide a mix of musical sounds. Another material to consider is large stone slabs. The slabs could help to create a dramatic cascading waterfall, or allow the water to flow naturally around and between carefully placed stones.

To see how these design ideas could be brought to life in your landscape, or if you are looking for more inspiration, connect with us. Our landscape designers will work with you to design and install the best pondless waterfall for your backyard, one that will give you many years of beauty and tranquility in your landscape.