3 Ways to Incorporate Functionality When Planning Your Middleton, WI, Patio

The line between the indoors and the outdoors has blurred—and wonderfully so. Many homeowners have realized the benefits of extending their living space to the outdoors, with the addition of outdoor rooms that mirror the comfort and some of the amenities they have inside. A patio is often a key component of this landscape enhancement. No longer a simple slab of concrete and a few chairs around a table, a patio can become a fully functional and highly used part of the home. Consider these ways to incorporate functionality when planning your Middleton, WI, patio.

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Decide How You Will Use Your Patio

3 Ways to Incorporate Functionality When Planning Your Middleton, WI, Patio

Thinking carefully about how you will use a patio is an excellent first step. Do you love entertaining big groups? Having large gatherings? You will want a patio that can accommodate many people at once.

Is an intimate gathering more your style? Do you plan to hang out mostly with your family? Then, a smaller patio can work well.

The size of your home and yard can also help you determine what type of patio you want. Even if you have a yard that feels tiny, you can create a functional and stunning patio. If you have the luxury of a large yard, then perhaps the size of the patio is not as important as where it is placed and how easy it is to access.

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Choose Between a Covered or Open Air Patio

The consideration of having the patio covered or not can involve the roofline. Many covered patios have a roof that is connected to the existing roof of the home. For some homes, tying into the roofline is a relatively simple endeavor while the process may be more involved for rooflines that have steeper angles and multiple peaks. But the benefits of a covered patio mean that you can enjoy your space even when it is raining or the weather isn’t ideal. For a hot day, a covered patio can offer relief from the sun while still allowing you to be outdoors.

An open air patio may be preferable. Imagine sitting outside on a nice evening with your favorite drink while the kids play, or chatting under the night sky with friends who have dropped by. An open air patio can allow you to add twinkle lights for ambiance, and inspire you to have a landscape lighting scheme installed that creates visual warmth throughout the patio’s surroundings.

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Give Careful Thought to Location

For a patio installed in close proximity to the house, you’ll want a seamless transition as you step outside to enjoy morning coffee or carry food out for a dinner. But the patio does not have to go there: It could be accessed from a stunning walkway, to make the patio feel more like a destination. If you need to accommodate a slope, a tiered patio could solve that functional problem.

Landscape specialists have the expertise to look at your property, listen to your ideas and wants, and bring the perfect patio to life for you. They will also have ideas for adding functionality, such as through a seating wall if you’ll be entertaining often, or they may suggest a stone wall simply for privacy. You may find the inspiration you need comes from talking through what you envision for your new patio.