How to Find Quality Landscapers Near Me in Monona, WI

The right landscaper brings skill, knowledge, experience, and creativity to every property. In order to make sure that the landscaper you hire can handle the challenge, follow a step-wise process. For property owners in Monona, WI, the way to find “landscapers near me” involves a logical search.

Go Beyond Google

How to Find Quality Landscapers Near Me in Monona, WI

At this point, you’ve probably tried Google just to see what companies would come up in your area, and chances are the list was quite long. It’s a starting to point to what will be a bit of a journey to make sure you find not just landscapers that are near you but the landscapers that are right for your job and that will help you carry out the vision you have for your landscape. Whether that entails designing and building a brand-new patio or providing ongoing snow removal services throughout the winter months, the right landscaper for your needs is out there.

While company websites are telling about a landscaper’s professionalism and portfolio, you may not want that to be the very first step in your search.

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Reach Out for Word-of-Mouth Feedback

A really telling way to come up with a list of quality “landscapers near me” is to ask around. Gather leads from friends, families, and neighbors, and reach out on local Facebook groups to see if anyone near you has promising referrals. You’ll be sure to garner a few credible suggestions, and since you know your friends, you’ll be able to tell which of the potential leads line up with your own property and lifestyle.

Dig into the Research

Once you have some names—either from your Google search or references from people you know—then it’s time to keep looking around online to see what you can find out before calling anyone up. See if you can find any reviews about the companies on Facebook and Google, and also see what the company shows you on their website. See if the type of projects they list under services matches what you need and whether you are attracted to their images.

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See If They’ve Won Awards

Some companies will display their credentials and even awards they’ve won. If they do not, this is something you could follow up on when you get to the interview stage of your search.

Consider the BBB Rating and Any Consumer Complaints

Similar to online reviews, but a bit more biting, the BBB and consumer complaints provide red flags regarding customer abuse or difficulty resolving complaints. This information can provide an important warning to you of what could lie ahead and what to avoid.

Ask for References

After whittling down your list of prospective landscaping companies, it’s time to make contact. See if the company can put you in touch with any customers, and you could ask them relevant questions about the company’s follow-through and their overall satisfaction with the landscaper.

Interview Prospective Companies

Finally, you’ll want to meet with landscapers. You can request an on-site consultation and see how the conversation goes. Determine how well your tastes mesh with the landscaper’s initial ideas and provide information about your planned functions and style preferences.