Incorporating Stone Around Your Pond in Middleton, WI

A beautiful pond could be just what your Middleton, WI, landscape design needs to feel complete. Imagine the calmness that such a water feature could offer your everyday life. A ponders brings a sense of tranquility as well as variety to the other landscape features. The aesthetic appeal of a pond is elevated by the kind of stones that surround it. Edging a garden pond with carefully selected stones can make this manufactured feature seem as if it has always belonged right in your backyard.

Edging the Pond

Incorporating Stone Around Your Pond in Middleton, WI

Different materials and techniques can be used to make your pond unique. Here are several possible methods of edging a pond:

  • Bricks with mortar or drywall masonry: You can literally elevate your pond by building brick or stone walls. Such constructions may look artificial, unless they are implemented in harmony with other landscape improvements.

  • Wood and turf: If you want to decorate your pond with flowers and vines, using timber and turf to edge it may result in what appears to be a seamless aesthetic. This cozy look requires more maintenance than other options.

  • Stone and gravel: Using stone and gravel is a popular choice as the maintenance needed is minimal, and the overall look appears relatively natural.

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Perfect Stones for Your Pond

Stone selection is a thoughtful process. The materials chosen may depend on the surroundings and may need to complement the logistics of the landscape. Huge boulders on flat land, for example, may look out of place in a tiny garden. On the other hand, pebbles alone may not call attention to your new water feature in contrast to a wide expanse of lawn or a nearby patio crafted of oversized concrete paving stones.

Another way to consider the choice of materials involves the fine features that are found in landscaping stones. The shape, the textures, and the colors combine to add appeal to a particular structure. You could look over samples or photographs of similar ponds to decide which kind of stone material would be most pleasing in your landscape. You may be attracted to a more natural, rustic looking pond or perhaps a more clearly manufactured look is what you prefer.

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Building Your Pond

The kind of stones chosen for your pond is one decision among many. You may want the water to ripple over these stones and lead into your pond for a truly beautiful effect. In that situation, gravel may be what you want to edge your pond. Or if your pond will be mostly made of calm and peaceful waters, you may want large, smooth stones lining the bottom of the pond that you can admire from up above. Also give thought to how you will gaze upon the pond, as a seating stone wall may be a necessary addition for fully enjoying your new water feature.

A combination of more massive boulders and gravel can work nicely in many landscapes. Edging without large stones of mixed sizes may not feel natural—it may look like someone brought a basket of cobbles and scattered them around the pond.

With pond maintenance services, the placement of the stones can be observed over time and adjustments made when necessary. When dealing with water, maintenance is needed to provide a clean, clear water feature that will be enjoyable for years to come.