5 Landscape Design Ideas for Incorporating Water Features in Madison, WI

By bringing water features into your landscape design plan, you will add interest and depth to your Madison, MI, property. Water features appeal to multiple senses and expand how homeowners enjoy their landscape. The design of the water feature you choose should work within the overall landscape and lend itself to the existing style of your property. Consider these ideas as you put your landscape design together.

A Water Fountain

5 Landscape Design Ideas for Incorporating Water Features in Madison, WI

A traditional fountain would add stately elegance. Other varieties of fountains would also bring visual, audible, and textile benefits to many styles of landscapes. As part of a reflecting pool or as a stand-alone feature, a fountain will provide a central focal point for your landscape or offer accessory aesthetics for a pool or garden.

You have an array of fountain options to consider for your landscape:

  • The levels of a tiered fountain would provide a visual marvel in your backyard.

  • A circular waterfall would be entrancing when you need to relax.

  • A wall fountain offers a unique visual feature and flexibility in terms of size and its surroundings.

  • For a modern aesthetic, a metal pipe fountain could be appealing on its own or even better as part of a group.

  • A simpler water feature could come in the form of a statue that adds to the classical or kitschy look you want.

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A spa feature within your landscape provides a sense of luxury, both physically and aesthetically. You can bring in an eye-catching look to it, depending on the colors and textures you opt for, or you could aim for a muted appearance and not call attention to your new water feature. What’s most appealing is the functionality a spa will offer your landscape, with an always-relaxing way to wind down the day.


The waterfall feature that your landscaping team designs for your property will bring the movement, calm, and aesthetic of a luxurious natural world. Whether this feature lies in tandem within a pool or as an isolated structure, a waterfall’s elegance will be clear. Stacked stone and hidden water lines can aid the natural feel you may desire for this water feature.

Spillways and Other Pool Features

You can further the beneficial effects of your pool with an added feature that works within the pool environment. A series of spillways, an attached fountain, or even an infinity pool option are ways to make your swimming pool stand out and become even more enjoyable. The sheer number of options to make your pool area special while meeting the needs of your family is astounding and inspiring! Consult with your landscape designer for a result that works within your lifestyle and your property.

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Natural Pond and Stream

For a woodsy, rustic landscape, embrace the creation of a natural pond or stream feature. Landscape professionals can design this element to appear as naturally as if the workings of time and weather designed it rather than landscapers. However you ultimately choose to include a water feature in your landscape, your skilled contractor can ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing, practical, and functional. The result will be a calming feature that offers beautiful reflection and years of enjoyment.