Luxury Patio Furniture That Will Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space in Cottage Grove, WI

Once you’ve decided to transform your landscape, you can think about how you will enjoy the new view. A variety of seating options offers versatility in how you will lounge and sit in your new patio—you could choose among permanent stone fixtures or more seasonal furniture options. Browse the following ideas for luxury patio seating options that will spruce up your Cottage Grove, WI outdoor living space:

Wall Seating

Whether your anticipated favorite activity on your new patio will be al fresco dining or late-night conversations by the fire pit, proper seating is a must. Stone walls could do double-duty as a decorative feature and as places to sit if you have overflow during an entertaining event or you want to change up the seating arrangements beyond the set of typical outdoor chairs. For a particularly stylish seat, you could opt for a cantilevered bench.

You may find as you explore your seating options that a corner of the patio may offer an opportune spot for built-in seating. Corner seating may look best with some plantings along the seat’s back and sides to make the area look cozy and inviting.

To make this aspect of your outdoor space appear more natural, consider choosing plants that smell nice such as lavender and honeysuckle. You can add some movement as well as soften the edges of these plants with ornamental grasses. Trees that grow in an umbrella shape planted nearby or a pergola could add to the luxurious look and feel you are trying to achieve as well as shaded comfort on the hotter days of the year.

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Distinctive Seating

Luxury Patio Furniture That Will Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space in Cottage Grove, WI

As homeowners build out their landscape, many are exploring the option of separate outdoor “rooms.” Similar to the interior of your home, you could have a designated area for dining and another for pure relaxation. Distinctive patio furniture for each room can help further the distinction, perhaps by having thick cushions in your lounging area while the seats in the dining area are not quite as comfortable looking—they could appear more functional in appearance. A stone bench could serve as one of the dividers and keep the seating options open when you have multiple guests visiting.

You can use stone planting beds for additional seating and dividers for your various spaces. For structure and year-round cover, you could opt for low garden beds and fill them with evergreens or perennials.

Hanging Seats

To make your outdoor space more comfortable and casual, you can opt for traditional hammocks or swing seats. If there is no large tree near your patio, a pergola could be erected to support your hammock or swing seat and to add to your shade options. Depending on the structure, the swing may be able to be suspended from above. A swing could add a nice aesthetic and warm ambiance to your patio.

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Natural Boulders

For a more rustic and natural look, boulders could be incorporated near your patio for additional seating. It’s possible to use boulders with flat tops to create convenient and comfortable seating arrangements. Large flagstone slabs on supporting stones are another option for a unique yet inviting aesthetic. The strategic placement of a few stones can result in a good seating option that complements your outdoor space.