6 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Madison, WI, Front Yard

Just as jewelry or a scarf completes a special outfit, the finer details of good landscaping could be what you need to dress up the exterior of your Madison, WI, home. Your front yard may not always get the attention it needs to attract the eye of passersby and win your heart over every time you return home for the day. Read on, and we’ll show you six landscape design ideas to help you get started on improving your front yard. 

A Beautiful Walkway Leading to the Front Porch

6 Landscape Design Ideas for Your Madison, WI, Front Yard

Perhaps your older relatives have talked lovingly of spending days on their front porch, while waving to the neighbors and watching the kids ride their bikes up and down the street. Those kind of days can make a comeback by focusing on making your front yard inviting—for you to spend more time out there and for neighbors to visit you more. A beautiful paver walkway is the perfect start. Choose your favorite pavers in colors and shapes that suit your style or complement your home, and you can create a front porch extension that’s perfect for sitting and receiving guests. 

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Water Features

Imagine greeting your guests with a jaw-dropping water feature right in your front lawn! Whether you would prefer a calm and tranquil little pond or an impressive tiered waterfall, a cool water installation in your front yard will surely set your home apart from the rest. Pair some essential aquatic plants, decorative masonry, and maybe even a statue for a grand display that will make a splash. 

Elegant Illumination

Does your front yard feature a gorgeous old tree that doesn’t get its due when the sun goes down? Strategically placed lighting could extend the beauty of your specimen tree into the night. To further a warm and inviting aesthetic, you could lighten up your walkway and call attention to your new pavers. By adding decorative lighting to your front yard, you’ll be able to better put your home’s prettiest accents and greenery in the literal spotlight even after the sun has gone down. 

Paver Driveway

Is your old driveway in need of a facelift? Set the scene for a dramatic front yard makeover by rebuilding it with high-end pavers. You will see a payoff in your investment with a sophisticated look and a durable structure that will last you through decades of pulling up to your house and leaving for the day. 

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Raised Flower Beds

Plants and flowers can be more impressive when they’re raised up off the ground, for all to clearly see. Highlight your favorite shrubs and blooms with a raised flower bed. Paired with masonry retaining walls to complement your walkway or driveway pavers, raised flower beds add dimension and style to your front yard for a sophisticated touch. 

A Grand Staircase

Sure, your sidewalk and steps are functional—but do they lack in style and design? Transform the look of your entire front yard when you have a grand staircase installed. Use a variety of different pavers to create the look you desire, add lantern lighting and other decorative masonry touches, and you’ll have a front yard loaded with curb appeal.