6 Design Ideas for Your Backyard Pond Project in the Sun Prairie, WI, Area

If you’re looking for an elegant way to turn your backyard into a private paradise, a pond is one way to start. Water features elevate landscapes and create an exterior accent to homes that really wow. A pond can help fill in an area that is difficult to mow or an area that is under-used, to create beauty and a sense of tranquility in a way you may never have imagined. Read on and we’ll share six inspiring designs for your next backyard pond project at your Sun Prairie, WI, home.  

Install a Waterfall

6 Design Ideas for Your Backyard Pond Project in the Sun Prairie, WI, Area

Babbling, sparkling, and refreshing—a waterfall feature offers a magical and soothing accent to your landscape that can’t be beat. Tiered ponds offer a natural way to create a waterfall effect, and help provide the aeration your pond needs. By creating a healthy pond environment, you’ll also be sure to attract little amphibians, reptiles, and other creatures to your tranquil space. 

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Bridge the Way

Take a sweet shortcut across your pond when you install a bridge into your overall plan! Kids and adults alike will love the novelty of walking across the water on their own private bridge. You can use a variety of materials and styles to create your bridge, and incorporate masonry and natural stones to achieve the look you crave. Are there trolls or fairies under your pond bridge? Only you’ll know! 

Add Aquatic Landscaping

Aquatic plants are essential for the overall health of your backyard pond. Whether you want to create a dreamy garden at the water’s edge or want to opt for a rocky, minimalist landscape instead, it’s important to consider your options. Ask your landscape pro which aquatic plants work best in your region and what type of natural stones will be ideal for accenting your project. 

Personalized Touches

Have you always felt like a mermaid at heart? Why not make a mermaid statue the highlight of your pond? Incorporating personalized touches, like statues and decorative elements, into your plan can truly make your pond feel just right. Think about what moves you and makes you happy, and then think of a whimsical way to make it a part of your pond.  

Take a Seat

Now that you’ve created your own relaxing grotto, you’ll want some place to sit and enjoy it all. Perhaps you want to add a retaining wall with room for seating, or a gorgeous paver patio so you can dine by the water. Whatever you choose, be sure to add a place to rest in your overall pond plan so that you can enjoy the outdoors even longer. 

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Light Up the Night

Want to take a midnight stroll by the pond? Add low voltage lighting to your plan for a way to enjoy the water even after the sun goes down. Whether you install pathway lighting leading to your pond or accent lighting expertly hidden in a rocky crag, you’ll love the look and safety that light provides to your little slice of paradise. 

With one or all of these water feature accents, you’ll be sure to love the overall look that a pond brings to your property. What fun features will you add to your relaxing waterfront space?