11 Evergreen Shrubs to Include in Your Landscape Design for Your McFarland, WI, Backyard

Is your backyard looking a little barren? There’s just something disappointing about sitting down to relax in your backyard without a plentiful number of beautiful bushes or foliage to enjoy. Whether shrubbery that was planted in the past hasn’t endured through the seasons or it’s time for a fresh perspective of your landscape design, you could grant your property the greenery it deserves with some expert help. But what kind of shrubs are ideal to install at your McFarland, WI, backyard to last all year long? Read on and we’ll give you some options for evergreen shrubbery you’ll love now and for many seasons to come. 


The quintessential garden evergreen, boxwoods are a favorite among homeowners and landscapers for helping to create a gorgeous looking display. Their rounded leaves and classic green color make it a versatile option for a variety of home exterior styles, and are also easily manipulated into a variety of shapes. 


The azalea plants shiny green leaves give way in the spring to blooms in white, coral, peach, pink, and purple. Azaleas are a great option for creating low lying hedges when planted close together. Be sure to ask for evergreen varieties of azalea, however, as there are also deciduous varieties that do not retain their foliage year-round. 

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11 Evergreen Shrubs to Include in Your Landscape Design for Your McFarland, WI, Backyard

Once only considered suitable for warmer weather climates, rhododendrons are now available in a variety of evergreen, cold-tolerant options. This shiny green shrub offers pretty varieties of bright white, purple, and pink blooms to create an elegant decorative basis for low hedges and accents. 


As the name suggests, these creepy shrubs offer a seasonal surprise! Many varieties offer leaves that are tipped with green, gold, and white accents that turn a bright reddish pink in the winter.


These fast growing, deep green pyramid-shaped or round shrubs come in a variety of heights, with some able to grow as much as 30 feet tall! Arborvitae are an excellent choice for creating a natural privacy hedge or adding a conical, decorative accent.

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A flowering shrub, Camellia offers gorgeous colored bulbs and shiny green foliage that tend to bloom in early spring or around the holidays. Camellias are a true delight as they offer your landscape and garden a beautiful floral display during a season when few other plants are blooming. Be sure to position them where you’ll be able to enjoy the view.


Not just for the holiday season, holly plants feature bright berries with sharp pointy or rounded leaves. Inkberry holly offers rounded leaves and makes an excellent alternative to traditional box shrubbery. 

Spruce and Fir

While we’re on the topic of discussing classic evergreen holiday plants, don’t forget about spruce and fir. The pretty green needles and bold conifers of these pine varieties help to create an instantly recognizable accent to your landscape. 

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Cute little cones, delicately textured foliage and dense branches help to create the overall look of this elegant shrubbery. Whether you choose to have them scattered around your property or grouped densely together, hemlock makes a beautiful addition to your landscape.


Gin and tonic anyone? This shrub, known by cocktail enthusiasts everywhere as the flavor-basis for classic gin spirits, is also excellent for helping to create borders and hedges around your home. This low-growing greenery ranges in color from gold to blue-green, and also make for an eye-catching ground cover option.