4 Beautiful Pond Ideas for Your Fitchburg, WI, Backyard

Integrating a water feature can add luster and life to your landscape design. You can transform your Fitchburg, WI, backyard into more of a retreat by incorporating a beautiful pond. Everyday tranquility can be yours, right in your landscape. Here are some pond ideas that are sure to capture the essence of not only your home’s architectural design but your landscape as well.

Koi Pond

4 Beautiful Pond Ideas for Your Fitchburg, WI, Backyard

A Koi pond can be a perfect attribute to any landscape. It does not need to be overly large; the size and amount of water you need will depend on much fish you want to supply the pond with. These ponds do not have to be equipped with a waterfall or running water, but they do need a filtration system to keep oxygen flowing for the fish to remain healthy. Koi fish are beautiful creatures and also hardy, so they can survive in frigid winter climates. Koi ponds are popular for many reasons: Some people believe they bring good luck, they are viewed as exotic, they are fairly low maintenance, and they are believed to relieve stress. 

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Garden Pond with a Waterfall

A garden waterfall is a great way to add a focal point. Such a water feature would be ideal for a small area, although it could be designed to fit just about any space. A garden waterfall can come in a variety of styles from cascading water down several tiers or ledge waterfalls that will pour down vertically over a cliff straight into a water basin. The pond itself can contain aquatic plants and be lined with bedrock. These gorgeous water features can accent any garden foliage and colorful blossoms. Consider adding a stone seating area nearby so that you always have a spot to enjoy the soothing white noise.

The “Creek”

Ponds do not have to contain ornamental fish or be attached to waterfall to be eye-catching and alluring. Try incorporating a small or kidney-shaped basin area at the end of a long and narrow waterway to create a pond and creek feature. The long narrow portion of the water feature can be shallow and winding to give it more of a creek appearance. Adding natural elements such as stones or aquatic plants could greatly enhance the beauty of your pond area. To finish the look and add functionality to your design, consider having a wooden bridge placed over the creek and have the area lined with lush greenery.

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A Waterbed

A backyard pond does not have to resemble a natural pond—in fact many manmade ponds’ beauty derive from the element of being manmade. Create a perfect rectangle or square pond with wide concrete borders to make a waterbed for aquatic life, both ornamental fish and plants. Add appeal by placing large lily pads in it so that the pads appear to float along the top of the water. Adding aquatic plants that grow vertically and produce colorful blooms can boost the character of your pond. Place a bench or patio furniture nearby for a cozy place to relax and to enjoy the view.  Finish the look by adding large boulder style rocks or a statute inside of the waterbed or nearby.