5 Types of Patio Materials Often Used in Sun Prairie, WI

When choosing the material for your new patio, you have more than one to consideration to make—what colors catch your attention? What kind of texture do you like? What style, pattern, and look and feel do you hope to achieve? You can achieve the rustic, traditional, elegant, or modern patio you envision with the right patio constructing materials. The types of material you choose for your Sun Prairie, WI, should be able to withstand the tests of time, weather, and living. 

Concrete Pavers

5 Types of Patio Materials Often Used in Sun Prairie, WI

The most versatile and durable option for your patio creation is to use concrete pavers. Concrete pavers can provide a variety of aesthetic styles and more. Choose from pavers that are reminiscent of brick, cobblestone, flagstone, planks, and many styles to create a patio worthy of your home. With this option, you will be able to match your vision to the right material easily—regardless of texture, size, color, or style preference. They are easily replaced, durable, and can be applied within a variety of areas. When installed by trained professionals who are familiar with the specifications of each type of paver, your patio will come with a manufacturer guarantee. We offer only the best paver options along with certified, trained, and guaranteed installation for a patio that will serve your home and family well for years.

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Homeowners often choose to build their patios with the look of brick to achieve a traditional, classic aesthetic. The uniform size of the material facilitates a wide range of laying patterns from running bond to basket weave and more. Because of their durability and versatility of use, brick pavers are widely chosen as a patio material. They are long-lasting, and if a repair becomes necessary, one can be replaced as needed without difficulty. When installed correctly, this material and the resulting patio can enhance your property with classic flavor.


Another commonly chosen material is far from common. Pavers inspired by flagstone are known for their beauty and quality—and distinctiveness. Flagstone pavers offers variety with irregular shapes for endless possibilities in the patterns you can have put together in your new patio. Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock, for example, offers drama under the sunlight, the possibility of a random pattern, and beautifully blended colors. In addition to patios, Beacon Hill Flagstone is commonly chosen for use in pool decks and walkways.

Cut Stone

Cut stone is another aesthetic option for the patio that can be re-created through the use of concrete patios. The distinction here is the shape and laying pattern options. Rather than remaining in the irregular quarried shape, these stones are cut into regular sizes, so a uniform pattern is possible. 

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Poured Concrete

A common method of patio creation is poured concrete. The mixture of sand, water, cement, and gravel is used to create a surface of the patio; however, this method does not known to stand the test of the time like concrete pavers and the patio will need to be redone at some point.

When deciding on which material to use for your patio, you will likely to want to prioritize quality above all else. The type of material that is known to last through decades of parties, hosting events, weather conditions, and the risks of stains is the one that you want for your patio. Concrete pavers fit the criteria.