What Goes Into Building an Outdoor Commercial Pond in Middleton, WI

A beautiful outdoor environment for your employees can reap rewards during the workday. One way to increase the relaxing beauty of the landscape for your Middleton, WI, office building is to incorporate a pond. Read on for the many benefits this water feature brings.

Relaxation Opportunities for Employees

What Goes Into Building an Outdoor Commercial Pond in Middleton, WI

Stress is known to cause lowered employee productivity. It can lead to some illnesses and missed days of work. That’s why looking for ways to incorporate moments of relaxation into the workday could have a direct effect on overall productivity of a workplace. The physical environment holds opportunity in this regard. 

A space that offers a chance to de-stress during the day can be a real plus for your employees, and thus for you, too. A beautiful physical space that has opportunities for workers to decompress could lead to fewer headaches, less tension, more positive morale, as well as increased energy and concentration. 

So, a unique and soothing water feature that is incorporated into your outdoor commercial space can provide the opportunity for your employees to take some time to relax outdoors for a refreshed outlook on the rest of the day. 

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How a Pond Can Help

Any water feature can accomplish the relaxing and soothing sound of water, but you may find that a pond is best suited to this responsibility in your commercial property. You likely have the size to accommodate a pond that would be highly effective in bringing a momentary sense of ease to those who work and traverse by it. If many people want to be outside at once, enjoying the rippling water and splashing of the fountain, you will want there to be enough space for everyone. 

How a Pond Is Built

Professional pond installers will locate the best spot for the pond, paying attention to both the available space and the accessibility of the finished pond. A high spot in the terrain is ideal since the pond will not collect runoff from rain and won’t suffer from pollutants leeching into the water.

Next, they’ll decide the depth of the pond. If it is too deep, cleaning could be a challenge. A too shallow pond can mean that the fish won’t have a deep enough spot to survive the winter. Depending on how your pool will be used and maintained, the correct depth is essential for pond health. 

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Large rocks and boulders give a pond a natural look and feel, while a waterfall brings the splashing sounds of water hitting the rocks below. Add pretty lily pads and other water plants to drawn in birds and butterflies to the pond. Before long, you have a little ecosystem that everyone can enjoy on the way to and from the building.

Your pond installers will be sure to include a pump to circulate and clean the water so that the appearance stays fresh and pretty no matter the season. Including lights for the nighttime pond landscape can bring a dramatic focal point for the outdoor space when the sun sets. And, finally, they will provide maintenance services and supplies to keep your pond functioning at its best.

Certified Aquascape contractors are known for being able to seamlessly integrate a pond with the other landscape features of the outdoor space. Then the pond can bring joy and calming sounds for many years to come.