Why Permeable Pavers Are a Great Option for Your Patio in Monona, WI

Creating a beautiful backyard patio space to enjoy at your Monona, WI, property comes with a lot of decisions and considerations. What size patio should I install? What kind of amenities and features should I add? How should the final product look? What kind of materials should we use? One facet of construction that homeowners often forget to consider is the “why” of it all. You may already know that you want to use pavers because they are beautiful, but do you also know why they are a sound property investment? And do you know that they look great in a wide variety of backyard spaces? Read on and we’ll show you why permeable pavers are a great option for updating or constructing a patio. 

Storm Water Control

Why Permeable Pavers Are a Great Option for Your Patio in Monona, WI

Have you ever been caught in a parking lot during or after a heavy rain storm? If so, you’ll know that an impervious asphalt surface can quickly turn into an ankle-high lake. The water has nowhere to go. Unlike impervious ground cover materials, permeable pavers actually help to control stormwater by their very nature. This happens by allowing storm water to infiltrate and percolate through layers and into the soil below. The porous materials that comprise permeable pavers allow storm water to easily flow through the gaps, so you’re never left with dangerous and inconvenient puddles.

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Manages Surface Runoff

Did you know finishing your patio with permeable pavers is also great for the environment? It’s true! Permeable pavers have been proven to be effective in managing surface runoff found in urban areas. Runoff from these urban areas make their way into bodies of water, and can affect the ecosystem in a negative way. In your own backyard, permeable pavers can help to control the flow of water in your landscaping. They can even capture pollutants like heavy metals, making them a great choice for your property and the world around you. 

Reduce Erosion

Permeable pavers can help reduce erosion on your property as well. Does your back yard tend to turn into a bog every time it rains? Permeable pavers can help to combat that, and they also provide a sturdy, solid ground surface. Acting almost like a sponge, these pavers help to allow water to filter through the surface to slowly reach the underlying soil in a way that mimics ground absorption. 

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TLC for Your Trees

The trees on your property love permeable pavers, too! Paved areas with permeable pavers allow rooting space for trees so that they are able to grow to their full potential. This is because the porous surface of the permeable pavers allows air and water to continue to filter through to the soil and reach your trees’ wide-spread rooting system. Back yards with large patio areas can cover up a great deal of surface real estate. Using impervious pavement over this space could spell disaster for your surrounding trees. 

If you’re ready to update or construct a patio extension in your backyard, don’t forget to factor in the “why” when choosing your materials. Permeable pavers check off all of the boxes for creating a beautiful, durable, and beneficial material to use in construction around your home.