How Landscapers Near Me Balance the Soil pH for Fall Perennials in Sun Prairie, WI

How does your garden grow? If your soil’s pH levels are off, your Sun Prairie, WI, fall garden may not be growing very well. That’s why you may be searching for “landscapers near me,” so that you’ll soon be able to fully a gorgeous garden. Proper care of your flower beds, including soil pH balancing, is an important factor to fall perennial success. Follow along and we’ll show you the ways that landscaping experts will use pH balancing to ensure your fall perennials will thrive.

What Is Soil pH? 

How Landscapers Near Me Balance the Soil pH for Fall Perennials in Sun Prairie, WI

Like humans and many other living things, soil has a proper pH balance that helps to measure the amount of acid or alkaline that it contains. The pH range of soil is usually anywhere from 4.0 (on the acidic side) to 9.0 (high alkaline). The ideal level for most soil comes in at the same level as water, which is right in the middle at 7. 

Landscape professionals will test your soil to find out what the pH balance is to help create a baseline for finding out what nutrients your soil needs. During the year, weather and other elements can change the pH balance of your soil, making your pH balance different in the fall from what it was in the spring. This is one reason why balancing your soil during different times of the year is so important; your yard’s levels may have been just right in the spring, but by fall your soil could be in need of a nutrient boost. 

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How to Test pH Levels

To test soil pH levels landscape professionals typically need to take a small sample of your soil from various locations around your garden to find out the pH balance. This process won’t hurt or disturb the plants and flowers that are already planted in your garden. The soil is then mixed, allowed to dry and the sample is either sent to a testing service or tested on site. Sometimes it can take up four weeks to get your results back, so the sooner your soil pH levels are tested, the better!

Balancing Soil pH Levels

Once your soil pH test results are back, your landscape professionals will be able to determine the right amount of nutrients your garden needs. If your soil proves to be too acidic, lime may be suggested to help balance your soil; if too much alkaline is present, nitrogen may be prescribed. However, too much of either nutrient in the wrong amount can create disastrous effects for your garden, so you’ll want to trust the final decision to the experts. 

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This year, don’t let your fall perennials wither away due to misinformation, improper fertilization, or neglect. You could start with a clean slate by hiring landscaping experts who can take a look at your plantings, test your soil, and come up with a plan for ensuring they are in the best environment for their needs. This is how you can get to the root of your fall perennials’ care. By making pH soil testing a priority this season, you will be ensuring the health of your autumnal garden persists all season long—and set them up for continued health in the other seasons.